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 Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants

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PostSubject: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:58 pm

Finale: September, 3rd, 2017. 10:30 p.m. in Philippines
Chose your favorites!
#missworld #MWP2017

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PostSubject: Re: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:11 pm

1. Shawntel Cruz

Raised by artists, Shawntel dabbles in creative pursuits. She paints, sings, plays instruments, and has been composing music since the age of twelve. Having experienced bullying as a child, she's now inspired "to bring people from the darkness, into the light". She owes her strength in her faith and humility, and is an advocate for FAITH: Food Always In The Home, which provides agricultural help for families.  

2. Veronica Villones

A student of the culinary arts, Veronica expresses her love for cooking by creating sumptuous dishes in her mother's restaurant located in her home town of Bulacan. She is also a member of a non-government organization in the Philippines called HIP (Hope for Indigenous People), which shares her advocacy to spread awareness on the situation of the indigenous people in the country.

3. Glyssa Perez


Born in Sydney, Australia, Glyssa takes pride in growing up with Filipino values and traditions. She has moved back to the Philippines to better know her roots and continue her passion for serving the community in her native land. A finance graduate, she contributed in Malacañang as a member of the Presidential Communication Operations Office for ASEAN. For her, joining pageants is an instrument for her to inspire others to use their flaws as their badges of honor.

4. Rose Flores

Rose is half-Indian, and her allure has been recognized since starting her modeling career at 17. A strong and adventurous spirit, she practices arnis and dives the depths of the sea. She considers herself to be a student of life, and enjoys the world's natural wonders and cultures. It is this love of life which inspired her to spread her advocacy to end child malnutrition, and raise awareness on climate change.

5. Kaycie Lyn Fajardo

Kaycie is a middle child between two brothers and sisters. She's currently a resort ambassador of Okada Manila. Her love for poetry makes her spend 4 to 5 hours a day reading, with Robert Frost being her favorite. Her optimism—her strongest quality—drives her to be an advocate against bullying.

6. Jona Sweett

A hotel and restaurant management graduate, Jona is a half-Australian daughter of an overseas Filipino worker. She believes that no one in this world should have to feel alone, hungry, or that they have nowhere to call home. Seeing that Miss World as an opportunity for doing good, she believes that the crown gives the power to gather people to help children in need.

7. Jane Darren Genobisa

Jane came from humble beginnings. Losing her parents at a young age, she was raised by her grandparents, and called the "peryahan" (a funfair) her home. Inspired by those who raised her, she is an advocate of education as the road to success.

8. Nikki Deveza

Nikki takes pride in her name, Faye Dominique, which means "faith in the Lord". These must have been her words of comfort, for someone that considers herself to be an ugly duckling that grew into a beautiful swan. She considers becoming a barista and already has a talent in flairtending. She dreams of owning a restaurant that will pour proceeds to also feeding the less fortunate.

9. Teresita Ssen "Winwyn" Marquez

In Winwyn's words, "it's empty to walk around in heels without meaning." She loves walking in her runway-worthy shoes, but would not think twice to trade them for a more comfortable pair of a teacher's. Coming from a family of celebrities, she is paving her own path in humble service. She's currently earning her teaching certificate and volunteering for Southville International School and Colleges.

10. Leidda Paulette Babasanta

A sci-fi and thriller fan, a proud scholar, and graduating cum laude, Leidda believes in embracing who we are—to rise from difficult times and to not be afraid to stand out. She speaks from experience, as she has faced adversities since childhood. This encourages her to be an advocate for the aid of impoverished children.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:12 pm

11. Gabriela Madarieta Ortega

Gabriela grew up in Spain, but is proud to be a pure Filipina. She savors the world in adventurous ways—whether that be snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, horseback riding, or competing against the other strong and intelligent beauties of the pageant. A graduate of architecture, she hopes to build communities among those affected by calamities and build better cities for her motherland.

12. Henna Kaizelle Nicole Cajandig

Henna is the name of this carefree soul. She advocates the spirit of community and travel. Her goal is to help redeem the image of Muslims and aid the less fortunate. One of her life goals would be to travel all the provinces of the Philippines by the age of 30. At age 25, she has already seen about 70% of the Philippines.

13. Kathryn Jade Cudiamat

After losing her father at the age of 5 and living away from her family in the States for 6 years, optimism now fuels Kathryn. She is a registered nurse and spends her free time singing, enjoying food, and engaging in sports. An advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, she hopes to build her own charity to provide quality healthcare to different communities.

14. Cristina Marie Coloma

Cristina is used to being the beacon of community and teamwork. Having a sporty spirit, she was a cheerleader back in college and delved into tennis and volleyball. Youngest of 3 siblings, she believes that she can adapt easily to any situation. She plans to venture out to work for an NGO for reef rehabilitation and aid the livelihood for coastal towns in Samar.

15. Laura Lehmann

Aside from being sporty, Laura's life revolves around traveling. Having found her fondness for the islands of the Philippines—specifically her favorite, Batanes—she's currently hosting for a travel show in Asia. This eventually translated to advocating for PREP (Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines), in which she spends a day with elementary kids in different parts of the country to prepare lessons and build libraries for them.

16. Ethel Abellanosa

Ethel has been a display of beauty for the Filipino people. She was formerly Miss Tourism Philippines and a queen of Cebu's grand Sinulog Festival. Honoring her roots, she is an advocate of Padayon Pamana, which aims to preserve heritage and culture of the nation. Joining Miss World Philippines is her opportunity to show her significance and worth as a woman of the world.


17. Jellie Alliana Escandon

Having faced cultural and physical adversities since childhood, Jellie is determined and unfazed. Born and raised overseas, she returned to the homeland and embraced the local culture at the age of 12. With the belief that bullying affects beyond words, she strongly advocates against it. Having vitiligo drives her to assure people that they—with beautiful flaws—deserve acceptance, too.

18. Christine Angel Alvaira

Flying high has always been Angel's dream. As a little girl, she aspired to be a flight attendant and beauty queen, which her life both revolves around now. She flew to Manila for Miss World Philippines, bearing the support and pride of her hometown, as she's the first to join. With her supportive parents living overseas, she’s inspired to advocate for education. It helped her reach her dreams and brought her places, and she believes it will do the same for others.

19. Joanna Marie Rabe

Joanna is a half-British breadwinner from Zambales. Eldest of a brood of six, she's currently supporting her siblings' education. A lover of books and badminton, she also has a talent in singing and dancing. She aspires to be a flight attendant someday and aims to be her siblings’ role model. Having experienced poverty as a child, she wants to bring light to street children's lives and build a place for their education.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:13 pm

20. Trizha Ocampo


Strong femininity is evident in Trizha. Born in the USA and grew up in La Union, she recently graduated in Baguio, which is her current home. A typically quiet lady, Miss World Philippines and other pageants inspire her to come out of her shell and bring out the best in herself. Inspired by her mother, she's an advocate for breast cancer awareness, wanting to educate people and help provide assistance and solutions for the disease.



21. Tanya Deveza

Seventeen-year-old Netania is all about service. A bookworm and nature-lover, her passion is in broadcasting. She delights in giving inspirational talks to the youth, and believes that her edge in the pageant is her BEAUTY—B for brains and intellect, E for enduring the challenges that come her way, A for the action to do her responsibilities well, U for understanding social issues and the people around her, T for trust in the Lord, and Y for youthfulness, her innocence, transparency, and honesty.

22. Chelsea Anne Manalo

Chelsea has been breaking barriers since childhood. Having faced challenges as a black American- Filipina, her color is her strength to stand out. Started modelling at thirteen, she got noticed by a Filipina celebrity who launched her to be at her best. She's an ice cream loving girl who believes that her comfort food can make people positive. Her dreams for a more positive world push her to advocate against discrimination and bullying.

23. Princess Laureano

Coming from an independent family, Princess is the eldest daughter who's dedicated herself to tourism. Fueled by independence, courage, and faith, these are the qualities that she carries with her everyday. Her passion for tourism drives her to be an advocate for Project TRED (Tourism, Respect, Educate, and Discipline), which cultivates respect for the Filipino culture. This project's charitable aspect sparks a dream to help kids in the mountains have an access to education.

24. Zara Carbonell

Zara uses her voice to uplift. Through her hosting, she becomes a lively spirit of events. Also growing up playing football, muay thai, and cheerleading, all these contribute to her being a "ball of sunshine". She dreams to share this attitude by using her voice to counsel—focusing on personality development—for young Filipina women, eventually wanting to hold focus group discussions to help girls all over the Philippines.

25. Karren Dela

Witnessing the act of helping since she was a child, this is where Karren's strength lies. Inspired by her mom who's been supporting children in many aspects, she wants to follow her footsteps and continue this altruism. Aside from this, she's musically versatile: plays the organ, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Her playful side also impresses with her unusual talent, which is tossing pizza dough while dancing.

26. Janela Joy Cuaton

Janela thrives in her interests. A girl raised in Qatar, she has the love for reading, swimming, cooking, and baking. Living with fulfilling passions pushes her to inspire others to find their own. This is her advocacy—called Fashion meets Passion, wherein different types of workshops are given to children, and which proceeds pour over to different groups in need in the Philippines.

27. Ella Eiveren Lubag

Ella is an achiever. Being a violinist and taking up chemical engineering at only fourteen, she already has a lot of accolades under her belt. Her greatest achievements, though, lie in being charitable and helping other people. She's been involving herself in her church's projects and is currently working on building equipment to provide distilled water, hopefully in all the parts of the Philippines.

28. Sheila Marie Reyes

Sheila's passion is in movement. A dancer of diverse genres—namely ballroom, ballet, hip-hop urban, contemporary ballet—she uses the art form to put her body and spirit in motion and give back. She teaches ballet to toddlers, and someday plans to hold dance workshops to raise money for different charities.

29. Krystle Anne Ongjanco

If we're talking about being prolific, Krystle is probably on top of it. For many years, she has been developing websites—with musical theater, water polo, and charity work on the side. She's created hackathon events for kids, involved in organizations such as Hope In A Bottle to build schools, and serving more organizations with her heart and skills. Joining Miss World enables her dreams for education, which she believes that can solve everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:05 pm

30. Kathleen Gomez



With a Spanish blood, Kathleen is a talented lady with a true Filipino heart. Aside from being a marketing consultant for an advertising agency, she also finds herself delighting in art, cars, and cooking Filipino dishes. She's been a face of multiple local pageants, but joining Miss World is her first in the national stages. Advocating on the emotional well-being of children, she dreams of supporting homes that can provide kids with proper education.

31. Jeanyfer Ozbot

Jeanyfer uses positivity as her power. A fitness enthusiast and dog-lover from Iloilo, she joined Miss World to represent her city and help charities. She's always inspired by her mom who's raising her single-handedly and challenged by living with the absence of her father. Her advocacy is dedicated to abandoned senior citizens who reside in elderly homes, to help them feel that they are not forgotten.

32. Cynthia Thomalla

Growing up an athletic girl, Cynthia's mother steered her to pageants to be more "feminine". She has now grown to be quite the renaissance woman and even goes beyond the norms of modern femininity. With the heart for service, she's done public service in Cebu and has taught children about life and how they can give back to the community. With strong feelings against suicide, she pushes for awareness of its prevention.

33. Noelle Uy-Tuazon

Noelle is simple and down-to-earth with monumental achievements. She put herself through college while living in the US. A pioneer in her own right, she is one of the 200 in the world practicing forensic anthropology, and has gone on a one-woman journey, scaling the alps. She advocates capacity building and has already given talks on how to rouse communities after disastrous events.

34. Andrea Poliquit

Being away from her family is both Andrea's strength and inspiration to live a responsible life. As an animal lover, she's currently caring for eleven dogs and a cat. A first timer in the realm of national pageants, she wants to use Miss World as a platform to advocate for the prevention of teenage pregnancy, a cause that's close to her heart.

35. Sophia Senoron

Sophia may be young, but she has a lot of wisdom in her head. An aspiring lawyer and a varsity debater, she loves immersing herself in different social and political issues in the country, even favoring topics that are philosophical and controversial. She advocates for training student leaders, along with the group she helped form, Ang Pagbabagong Mithi (A New Aspiration), to spread awareness on different issues of the nation.


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PostSubject: Re: Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants   

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Miss World Philippines 2017 contestants
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