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Certamenes de Belleza Internacionales!

A forum for all those who share the hobbie of the beauty pageants. From any country, everyone is welcome! Write in your own language if you don't know English or Spanish, and post news about your beauty queens. Thanks!
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 Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants

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PostSubject: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants   Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:15 pm

El certamen sera el 23 de febrero*
Escojan sus favoritas y hagan sus hot picks! Los esperamos!
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PostSubject: Re: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants   Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:36 pm


Dana Low, 21

Communications Student

Growing up, Dana had a busy childhood filled with piano, drums and guitar lessons, art classes as well as badminton, cheerleading and sports. Today, she is a tenacious, dedicated and confident individual currently in the final semester of her Communications degree. She enjoys watching beauty videos, sports and craft, and hopes to set up her own events company in the future.




Dewina Petrus Guriting, 25


Freelance Model

A veteran in beauty pageants, Dewina is an Accounting Honours graduate and freelance model. As a Dusun who is passionate towards animals, she has earned the title of Ambassador for the Sabah Wildlife Department. Apart from playing the Sompotan (a Sabahan traditional instrument), she enjoys blogging, diving and exercising. Performing on stage gives her great joy and she dreams of becoming a singer someday.


Erica Tan, 25

Biomedical Science Graduate

Erica is a Biomedical Science Honours graduate and former cabin crew previously based in Dubai. Growing up on a small island, the simple things in life gives her great pleasure. Describing herself as courageous, adventurous and helpful, she enjoys dancing, baking, photography and outdoor sports. Her dream is to inspire and empower young women to be independent, and to dare to dream as she believes that everyone should make use of their talents when young.


Gina Phillips, 21,

Social Science Student

Gina is a Penangite of Eurasian, Malaysian and Irish descent. Currently a Social Science undergraduate at Monash University, she hopes to work in the field of gender studies and communications. She excels academically, and can also sing and play the guitar. In her free time, she enjoys writing, video games and make-up. A passionate, creative and driven individual, Gina aspires to raise awareness on social taboos such as sexual orientation, mental illness and sexual abuse.


Jaspreet Kaur, 23

Accounting Student

Ipoh-born Jaspreet is currently an Accounting student at KDU University College. A self-professed daddy's girl, she describes herself as a natural-born empath, where she tends to get overwhelmed by the energy around her. However she is one who never gives up easily even when knocked down. She can dance and play the keyboard, and likes to cook, read and travel. Her goal in life is to reach a peaceful and happy state of mind, free of regrets and anxiety.


Karshini Ghanesh, 19

Medical Student

Recently completing her 'A' Levels, Karshini is awaiting to begin her medical degree in her journey towards becoming a surgeon and clinical geneticist. Trained in piano, veenai (an Indian traditional instrument) and classical dance, she also dabbles in contemporary and modern dance. In her free time, she performs for charities, tutors children and composes her own songs. She hopes to help children born with unavoidable genetic defects, reduce their symptoms and possibly even find a cure someday.


Laura Simon, 24

Personal Trainer/ Fencing Coach

A Sports Science degree holder, Laura is a personal trainer and fencing coach. This Kadazan lass from the Land Below the Wind grew up in a beautiful rural area called Menumbok. As a child, she was a tomboy due to her twin brother's influence but she has since gone on to win several titles in local beauty pageants. Laura enjoys travelling, shopping and sports, and hopes to open her own fencing centre in the future to focus on coaching.


Maegan Yip, 24

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a child, Maegan grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived abroad in several other countries. Worldly and charismatic, this Business graduate from The University of London is currently a digital marketing strategist at MaGIC. Active in community events for start-ups and volunteer work, she also enjoys music, modelling and fashion. She dreams of becoming a technopreneur philanthropist or social entrepreneur.


Michelle Soin, 20

Law Student

A law undergraduate from Kluang, Michelle describes herself as an independent individual who can get along with just anyone. She has elementary proficiency in French and plays the Gu Zheng (Chinese zither). Describing herself as a disciplined and determined young lady, she enjoys running, reading and cooking. She hopes to put her law degree to good use in the future and give back to society.
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PostSubject: Re: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants   Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:37 pm


Nicolle Tan, 19, Selangor
Psychology Student

19-year-old Nicolle is currently a Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience major at The University of Nottingha. As a sports and fitness buff, she swam competitively and also played basketball, football and netball. More recently, she's picked up yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Zumba, hiking and kickboxing. When she's not sweating it out, she likes to sing, dance and draw. Nicolle aspires to become a certified psychologist or neuroscientist, and travel around the world.


Ollemadthee, 24

Engineering Graduate

Friendly and versatile, Ollemadthee was active in public speaking, storytelling and choral speaking competition in her school days. Recently completing her Honours degree in Mineral Resources Engineering, she now has the luxury to indulge in favourite activities like blogging, reading, painting, music and acting. Her secret talent is her special ability to remember every face that crosses her path.


Peh Leon, 23

Kuala Lumpur
Finance Manager

Describing herself as energetic, smart and cheeky, Peh is an Accounting and Finance graduate, and currently works as a Finance Manager. She overcame her fear of deep water to complete her PADI Open Water Certification. Trained in classical piano and yoga, she enjoys adventurous activities, performing arts and board games. Her dream is to build a group of schools to narrow the perceived disparity between private and public education.


Samantha Katie, 22

Kuala Lumpur
Model/ Artist

A model-artist of Chinese-Brazilian descent, Samantha grew up in Klang and was regarded as the class clown.As a true Malaysian, she can speak the four major languages and is also learning Portuguese. She is an ex-finalist from the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 pageant and dreams of becoming an icon with her own talk show like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.


Savina Vanan, 24

Kuala Lumpur
Marketing Associate

Describing herself as diligent, passionate and creative, Savina holds a Honours degree in Communications and currently works in Marketing. She has an incredible thirst for knowledge and has been called the 'walking encyclopaedia'. Her special talents are painting, drawing and dancing, and she also indulges in cooking, reading and visual arts. It is her dream to open a non-profit education centre someday, with books and resources available for everyone, especially underprivileged children and young people.


Sonia Naidu, 22, Sarawak
Rates Analyst

Friendly, easy-going and quirky, Indian-Bidayuh Sonia was born in Kuching and grew up in Kluang, Johor. A Business Management graduate, she currently works as a Rates Analyst. Sonia has participated in a couple of pageants and emerged winner in a pageant last year. A natural athlete who can take to any sports easily, she also plays the Sape (a Sarawakian traditional instrument). Apart from sampling new food and baking, animals are her other love. Someday, she hopes to be a successful model and social entrepreneur who can empower other women.


[size=16][size=19]Tammy Singho, 20[/size][/size]

[size=16] Selangor
Business Student/ Part-Time Model


Portuguese-Eurasian Tammy spent her childhood in the Portuguese Settlement in Melaka and Subang Jaya. Currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Studies, she also models part-time. Describing herself as outspoken and opinionated, she is into singing, manicure art and make-up. In her free time, she volunteers at animal shelters. She aspires to own a line of cosmetics that is vegan and cruelty-free, and also dreams of travelling around the world.


Tanalaksiumy, 22

Full-Time Athlete/ Accounting Student

Penangite Tanalaksiumy who is of Chinese-Indian descent is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting. A national sprinter who enjoys singing, dancing, acting and stand-up comedy, she is known to be cheerful, energetic and spirited. She aspires to become a role model to young women everywhere by encouraging them to reach for their dreams, and not letting any physical setbacks stop them from feeling beautiful on the outside and inside.


Zara Tam, 25

Online Boutique Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants   

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Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 contestants
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