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#ChinoyProfiles: Ms. Earth 2015 Angelia Ong on Beauty

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#ChinoyProfiles: Ms. Earth 2015 Angelia Ong on Beauty

Post by Admin on Fri May 20, 2016 10:56 am

by Hannah Salvador
with Rebecca Lee
The road to become a beauty queen is a mix of glamor and hard work. Beauty queens face intensive training, early call time, strict diets, and long hours wearing six-inch heels. Angelia Ong is a Chinese-Filipino model who bested almost 90 candidates to later become Ms. Earth 2015. She takes us behind the scenes to find out the why’s and the how’s behind the glamor that surrounds a beauty pageant.
Angelia is an alumna of St. Paul University and Hua Siong College in Iloilo City. She moved to Manila in 2012 to pursue a course in Marketing Management at the De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde. Prior to winning Ms. Earth 2015, she already won second runner-up at the Miss Manila 2014 pageant and bagged Best in Long Gown and Press Choice Award. She also competed at Binibining Pilipinas 2011 pageant representing Iloilo City and received People’s Choice Special Award as the Face of Binibining Pilipinas 2011.
When she was younger, she looked at photos of beauty queens and often admired them. She never saw herself as a beauty queen until later in life–when she grew to be taller than most her peers and was encouraged by others to try it. She talked about the way that pageants have evolved.
In Iloiolo where I grew up, we were very conservative. Pageants would probably be one of the last things you’d think of. But you know, pageants have evolved and it’s very different now. We’re producing beauty queens who are not only beautiful, but intelligent. Beauty pageants now are more relevant. And I’m so happy to choose Ms. Earth because it’s not just a beauty pageant. It’s a beauty pageant with a cause, with an advocacy, which is to help protect and preserve the environment.
When asked to describe herself, Angelia shared:
I am very positive. I always see the brighter things in life. I would say I’m confident as well. I’m very sweet, I’m malambing. And I’m really a fighter.
On Joining Ms. Earth 2015: Motivation, Preparation, and Training
People will look at you like you’re already gifted with a certain skill; ignoring the countless hours, the failures, and the dedication.
Before bagging the crown, Angelia Ong didn’t have it easy. Sweat, tears, and time were invested along with her team. She worked hard for her dream.
“For Miss Earth, it was a whirlwind. It was hard work. Physically, I had to go to the gym, which I normally don’t do. I don’t know those kind of exercises but I’m very happy that I have a good support from Gold’s Gym. And aside from that, I have a really good training camp, which is KF or Kagandahang Flores, headed by Tito Rogel Flores. They were very very patient in training me with the walking, talking, how to present myself. And I had help from my friends and from my manager Farah. I had a very good styling team as well, and I also had a few classes with makeup. When you get out there, you’ll be on your own.
Culture: Growing Up as a Chinese-Filipino
When asked about her heritage, she shared about her Chinoy roots.
I grew up in a Chinese school, but my family at home were very, very much Filipino. I only get to practice my Chineseness in school. When I come back home, everybody speaks local Hiligaynon, English and Tagalog. We are a very Filipino kind of family only with a little mix of Chinese ways, so it’s a perfect combination.
But her Chinese school’s motto,  勤,誠,忠,勇 (Diligence, Sincerity, Loyalty, and Courage) were ingrained in her and continues to impact her decisions.
Saving Mother Earth
Her journey hasn’t ended after winning Ms. Earth 2015. Along with the crown come many responsibilities.
“To be honest, I was already aware of some of the environmental issues because they’re being taught in school and you can see it everywhere. But I would have to say, before joining, I wasn’t really that serious then. I would abide by some of the tips that environmentalists or people around me would tell me what to do. But it was really after or during I joined that my eyes was opened to the reality or the urgency of the matter. So right now, being able to talk to a lot of people, non-government organizations, and even some of the departments of the government, I’m really quite shocked how little we know about what’s really happening right now. We see it on the internet, but we don’t really react the way we should be acting. Because actually, it’s crunch time already and we don’t have enough time, so if there’s a perfect time to really come together, it’s really now.”
She shared about the kind of work that Miss Earth does to solve the issues she mentioned. Because Miss Earth is in its 15th year, they came up with a campaign called 5R.
“It’s rethink, reuse, reduce, recycle, and respect. So it’s the typical 3R before, but only revamped now and upgraded to 5R. The first one is Rethink. When we rethink the decisions every day. It’s really important because it affects not only you, but your family and the people around you. And then the usual Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And then the last R that we put is actually the most important one, which is respect. We believe that it’s more important than discipline because when you respect a person or a thing, you wouldn’t do anything to hurt that person or that thing. So if we learn how to respect Mother Earth, it’s called mother for a reason. Like our parents, it demands the same respect that we have for our parents. So we have to respect her in order for this place to be better.”

Angelia Ong

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